CRM, ERP and Omni-Channel E-Commerce for Retail

Are you where your customers are?

Because inspirations can strike anywhere

Shopping inspirations can strike anywhere at any moment. Are you where your customers are? These days, commerce is no longer bound within the realms of high streets and shopping malls. Customer behaviour is changing fast, on-demand and omni-channel presence is no longer the preserve of the big brands but a necessity for every business.

  • 61% of total shopping budget was spent online and is growing faster than ever before
  • Clothes, footwear, electrical goods, books, computers and mobiles were the top products purchased online

Omni-channel simplified

Technology for Omni-channel presence can sound daunting at first, but we have simplified it a great deal for you.

From one single platform you can run your entire business operation and with our cloud based SaaS solution you don't even need to buy a single server or software to do that.

Your customers will be able to make purchases via mobile, tablets, laptops and desktops seamlessly and you can run your entire operations using any of these devices. We have brought your entire business operation in the palm of your hands. It doesn't get easier than that.

We also provide extensive support for multi-brand presence. You can have multiple customer facing websites with different brands but have a centralised back office operations.

Launch your own Franchise

Sales Infinite supports franchise business model right out of the box. Your franchises can access centrally defined products and services controlled by you while they maintain their own order books and digital merchant accounts. You get realtime access to their performance data. Please get in touch to know more.

Launch your own Marketplace

Would you like to launch your own Marketplace business? Sales Infinite supports marketplace business model right out of the box. Sales Infinite can be configured to act as a marketplace where you can invite independent vendors to offer their products and services in the marketplace. Orders can be fulfilled either centrally or by the vendors directly. Successful marketplaces can be highly profitable. There are many great inspiring examples in the industry. Please get in touch to know how we can help.

Launch your Brand with Omni-Channel Presence in just one week


  • Manage Product Portfolio, Pricing and Promotions. Support for Instalments / Subscription Contracts and Rule based Dynamic Pricing.

  • Manage Product Categories / Departments.

  • Conduct Email and Telephone Marketing.

  • Manage Customer Accounts, Digital Wallet, Sale Orders, Invoices and Payments.

  • Manage Suppliers, Warehouses, Inventory, Fulfilment (Pick, Pack, Ship and Deliver with navigation).

  • Support your customers right from Sales Infinite.

  • Choose from a host of responsive e-commerce website templates that work right out of the box or build your own with our REST APIs.

  • Enable multi-brand omni-channel presence for your business. Your customers can purchase using mobiles, tablets, laptops and desktops.

  • Execute your entire business operation seamlessly using any device.

  • Extensive support for multi-brand retail and franchise businesses.

Benefits / Value summary

Platform of choice for Omni-Channel E-Commerce