CRM for London Insurance

London Insurance

Where most other CRMs have been designed for managing bi-party relationships only, Sales Infinite CRM has been designed specifically to handle multi-party relationships. This design paradigm makes Sales Infinite the most suitable CRM for the London Insurance Subscription Market. Sales Infinite empowers brokers and underwriters alike with real time information and insights about their existing and prospective businesses to help them manage their relationships better. As Sales Infinite works on iPad too, this information is available in real time while you are in the Lloyd’s box or out and about in the city.

Sales Infinite not only gives a complete 360 degrees view of the relationships with an individual but also a complete 360 degrees view of the relationships with an organisation. Most other CRMs can only support relationship views for the individuals at best. This means that when a person switches employment, Sales Infinite can still manage that effectively.

Benefits of this approach for Insurance

A repository of every Broker, Insurer, Reinsurer, Third Party Administrator can be created including the information about what lines of businesses they deal in.
This repository can then be queried from different perspectives for example:

Who are the underwriters who can underwrite aviation policies
Who are the brokers who can bring new businesses in aviation
Which Insurer can be the lead underwriter for this policy
Who could be the follower underwriters
The brokers/underwriters who have moved to different organisations, can they be approached for new businesses as we have existing relationships?

You can also visit different organisation and person page views to find out the following information

What existing and prospective businesses do we have in relation to this underwriter/broker
What existing and prospective businesses do we have in relation to this Insurer/Reinsurer/Broker/Binder firm

All this information is always at your fingertips whether you are in the office, Lloyd’s box or out and about in the city.

London Insurance market is a subscription market where most of the (Re)Insurance policies are underwritten by multiple organisations together. For example, a policy could have the customer based in the USA, the binder based in the USA, the placing broker based in the USA, the London Broker, the Lead Underwriter based in London, three Follower Underwriters based in London and a few TPAs to tie it all together. Most of the CRMs that have been conceptualised outside London Insurance Industry can not represent the complexity of these relationships accurately. Most of them have taken a simplistic point of view of bi-party relationships only.

Sales Infinite has been built ground-up keeping this complexity in mind. This allows Sales Infinite to accurately represent the complexity of London Subscription Market. This is true for existing as well as prospective businesses.

For example, during pre-underwriting phase, a broker could keep track of who are the underwriters he or she has approached for a business, who have accepted and who have declined, and what are the line percentages.

An underwriter could keep track of the market participants for any given policy.

The ability to handle subscription relationships is vital for a good CRM for the London Insurance market and Sales Infinite is built around this core capability.

Sales Infinite has been conceptualised in London, developed in London and is for the London Insurance Market.