CRM Software Solution Implementation


The implementation phase sees the decisions reached during the consultation process put into practice. We know exactly what your business wants to achieve and we can configure and customise Sales Infinite extremely quickly to address your specific needs.

This is a revolutionary idea. Traditional CRM solutions solve the challenges in one small section of your business, but then demand painstaking integration with all the other software in use. This process takes considerable time - something most businesses can ill afford. Every second of downtime costs money and damages your reputation as potential customers go elsewhere and competitors jostle for position.

In contrast, Sales Infinite is a pre-integrated platform. All of the features we offer are already designed to work together in a cohesive, unified way. A state-of-the-art workflow engine is also included, which means you can add further automation and business rules easily to improve collaboration.

With our ultra-fast implementation times, you won't be left struggling with delays. Sales Infinite is fully functional right out of the box and a simple cloud-based delivery model means you can be up and running on your new solution immediately, with no need to install additional hardware or software.

Based on the findings of the consultation process, we can rapidly customise Sales Infinite to ensure maximise efficiency in your business. We'll migrate the information in your existing databases into the new platform and configure the workflows in line with your business needs. Robotic coding allows this customisation to happen five times faster than normal, so nothing will prevent you from going live smoothly.

Because Sales Infinite is up and running so quickly compared to other solutions, your business can start reaping the benefits of complete business management all the sooner.