Customer Lifecycle Management

Why Sales Infinite?

Sales Infinite is a holistic platform that combines Omni-channel E-Commerce with CRM and complete Customer Lifecycle Management.

A conventional E-Commerce solution manages just E-Commerce orders without customer relationship and fulfilment.

A conventional Fulfilment system doesn't help with the E-Commerce orders and customer relationships.

A conventional CRM system isn't enough to manage today's customer relationships effectively.

Instead, the boundaries between many conventional systems must be conquered to create a complete and compelling solution for your business.

Without full visibility and control over the entire customer lifecycle (such as sales orders, invoices, payments and support information) how can any business manage customer relationships effectively? While many CRM systems claim to deliver a comprehensive solution, one truth is clear: they can't manage relationships with actual customers. At the critical moment when a prospect signs-up as a customer, traditional CRM systems become powerless to support the relationship.

Ultimately, CRM systems cannot meet the challenge of Customer Lifecycle Management; they can only oversee a small piece of the entire customer relationship. Many diverse and disconnected systems will be needed to complete the puzzle, demanding time-consuming and expensive integration. Worse, such integration projects will do little to alleviate the central challenges caused by a fragmented approach. The customer experience, as well as the insights employees can access, will be a ragged patchwork rather than a complete picture.

There's another problem too: traditional CRM systems focus solely on relationships with people, not their organisations. However corporate relationships are the lifeblood of every B2B business, making it essential for these organisations to have the ability to manage them effectively.

To solve these challenges, we've brought all the elements of your customer's experience together along with Omni-channel E-Commerce and fulfilment inside a single, unified and pre-integrated platform. By putting your customers at the very heart of Sales Infinite, we enable your entire organisation to work around them like clockwork.

With our Omni-channel E-Commerce and Digital Wallet capabilities, you can reach your customers efficiently whereever they are. Digital channels help you increase your revenue and drive down costs whilst delivering excellent customer experience.

Sales Infinite empowers your teams to deliver excellence efficiently.

Customer Lifecycle Management

Complete Customer Lifecycle Management

From the moment when a prospect receives your first marketing communication, the seeds of the customer relationship are already being sown.

This relationship grows and matures as the prospect becomes more engaged with your products or services and is nurtured by your sales pipeline.

The relationship blossoms when the prospect signs-up as a customer, and it continues to flourish with every future interaction. These interactions can take many forms - from conversations, meetings and other communications, to upselling new products or services, sending invoices, receiving payments, provisioning services, delivering goods, or providing support. Any effective relationship management solution has to sustain this vast and colourful spectrum of activities. And that's where Sales Infinite is invaluable.

Sales Infinite supports you throughout the entire customer relationship, from the moment you begin gathering and researching information for marketing purposes, to conducting campaigns, engaging audiences, building your sales pipeline, closing deals and, finally, assembling and managing the entire customer lifecycle.

Where other CRM systems focus solely on Contact and Sales Pipeline management, Sales Infinite delivers a holistic and detailed picture of the entire customer lifecycle, enabling your business to build outstanding relationships that will survive and thrive long into the future.

Features By Function Areas

Omni-Channel E-Commerce

Omni-channel E-Commerce

With our fully integrated Omni-channel E-Commerce module, you can sell your products and services online and on mobile apps. You will be up and running within just a few days.

Technology for Omni-channel presence can sound daunting at first, but we have simplified it a great deal for you. From one single platform you can run your entire business operation and with our cloud based SaaS solution you don't even need to buy a single server or software to do that.

Your customers will be able to make purchases via mobile, tablets, laptops and desktops seamlessly and you can run your entire operations using any of these devices. We have brought your entire business operation in the palm of your hands. It doesn't get easier than that.

Choose from a host of responsive E-Commerce website templates that work right out of the box or build your own with our REST APIs.

Online CRM Software

Customer Relationship Management

Sales Infinite is a SaaS B2B and B2C CRM and a complete Customer Lifecycle Management platform. Sales Infinite helps you manage relationship with People and Organisations alike. It provides you with a complete 360º Insight of your relationships with People and Organisations.

Effectively manage multi-party relationships with 360º view of opportunities, customer accounts, organisations and people
Products, Pricing, Marketing, Sales Pipeline, Customer Accounts, Sale Orders, Invoicing, Reconciliation, Customer Support and MI, manage your entire operations like a clockwork on our pre-integrated platform
Improve efficiency across the organisation and empower your teams with the right information whether they are in the office or out and about for business
CRM with Product Portfolio

Product Management

We deliver fast and intuitive management of your entire product and service portfolio, from defining prices to overseeing sales promotions:

Manage your products and services portfolio
Organise your products and services in different departments
Adjust pricing structures using the in-built pricing engine
Comprehensive support for subscription contracts
Comprehensive support for diverse pricing strategies. From one-off fixed pricing to subscription contracts with dynamic pricing.
Control time-sensitive sales or promotions
Store files in the integrated document management system
Collate product reviews and feedback
View all related actions and meetings
CRM with marketing automation

Marketing Automation

Focus the power of your marketing by targeting the right audiences with personalised campaigns that effortlessly measure and score engagement:

Create and manage marketing campaigns
Identify audiences and target campaigns with our extensive search functionality
Personalise email marketing campaigns with template and mail merge integration
Measure and score audience engagement levels in real-time
Telemarketing made easy with call scripts and integrated VoIP calls
Track performance against pre-set targets
Dashboards articulate your data, from engagement success to lead generation
CRM with sales force automation

Sales Pipeline Management

From initial opportunity to sealed deal, our integrated platform reduces the risk of lost information and provides comprehensive management of your entire sales cycle:

Support for multi-party opportunities to represent the diverse nature of sales relationships
Create and send PDF quotations rapidly from pre-configured pricing definitions
Convert quotations into sale orders easily
Manage sales across different time zones, currencies and tax rates
Automatically provide line manager oversight with role-based, context sensitive security
Store all related documents alongside the relevant opportunities
Synchronise with your email account to see the messages relevant to specific opportunities
Track individual employee performance against pre-set sales targets
Collect sales leads directly from your website
Dashboards articulate your data, from the sales funnel to individual performance
Our in-built workflow engine supports further automation
CRM with customer accounts

Customer Accounts Management

Ensure your customer accounts are managed smoothly across multiple teams and geographies. From turning a quotation into a sale order in one-click, to automatically adapting to local time zones, currencies and taxes, Sales Infinite helps account managers work faster and smarter:

Multi-party customer accounts with configurable account roles
Easily create sale orders based on pre-configured pricing definitions
Convert quotations into sale orders easily
Support for periodic payment subscriptions
Manage customer accounts across different time zones, currencies and tax rates
Send sale order documents to be signed in one-click
Collect payments automatically with ease using in-built digital wallet
Support for Renewals
In-built document management system
Automatically provide line manager oversight with role-based, context sensitive security
In-built enterprise collaboration or "chirps" help your team work efficiently
Synchronise with your email account to see the messages relevant to specific customer accounts
Dashboards articulate your data, from the number of customer accounts opened to those due for renewal
Our in-built workflow engine supports further automation
CRM with fulfilment


Whether your business demands physical deliveries or service provisioning, we make sure you always know what's needed and when:

Support for multiple fulfilment teams
Support for multiple order queues
Personalised work order lists
Visibility of your team's allocations
Fulfill a sale order from multiple warehouses
Complete Pick-Pack-Ship-Deliver workflow support
Barcode scanner integration
Turn-by-turn navigation integration
Collect delivery signatures on delivery
Our in-built workflow engine supports further automation
CRM with inventory

Supplier, Warehouse And Inventory Management

Sales Infinite offeres a comprehensive supplier management, procurement, warehouse management and realtime inventory tracking:

Manage your suppliers and what they supply
Manage and send digital procurement orders
Manage multiple warehouses
Manage storage racks
Receive inventory in warehouses
Track realtime inventory with seamless sales integration
CRM with invoicing

Invoicing / Billing

Free your employees from unnecessary administration and let them focus on business objectives with seamless automation:

Support for both periodic subscription and one-off invoices
Digital pdf invoices can be customised to represent your brand
Automatically raise and send periodic invoices
Automatically change the status of overdue invoices
Automatically follow-up overdue invoices via the workflow engine
Collect payments automatically with ease using in-built digital wallet
Effortlessly track invoice payment status
Integrate Sales Infinite with your accounting system for even further automation. We provide built-in integration with Xero.
CRM with support

Customer Support

Keeping your clients satisfied is crucial to business success. We make sure you have the right tools to manage support queries effectively and efficiently:

Manage multiple support teams and support queues
Create support tickets manually or by email
See a personalised ticket allocation list
Have clear visibility into your team's ticket allocation
Ensure call centre staff have all the appropriate customer account information to hand when addressing queries
Automatically link support tickets with active customer accounts
Call effortlessly with integrated VoIP calls
Dashboards articulate your data, from call volumes to resolution success
Our in-built workflow engine supports further automation

Features By User Roles

Sales Infinite can support many business roles throughout your organisation with a flexible features set. To discover the features relevant to specific roles, make a selection from the list below.

Product Manager Contact Manager Marketing Manager Sales Manager Accounts Manager Marketing
Sales Manager
Accounts Manager
Accounts Manager
Procurement Manager Customer Support Accountant Fulfilment Staff Notes
Contact ManagementContact Management Add / delete person, manage notes
Organisation ManagementOrganisation Management Add / delete organisation and manage notes
Email IntegrationEmail Integration Send and receive emails from Sales Infinite.Synchronise emails between email server and Sales Infinite.
ActionsActions Manage actions within Sales Infinite
MeetingsMeetings Create meeting notes
Social CollaborationChirp Enterprise Social Collaboration tool
CRM with VOIP integrationVOIP Integration Click-2-call integration with your VOIP phone
CRM with map integrationMAP Integration View locations on map and turn-by-turn navigation integration
CRM with workflowWorkflow Notifications View workflow notifications and act on them
CRM with document managementDocuments Store and View documents
CRM with product portfolioProduct Portfolio View Only View Only View Only View Only View Only View Only View Only View Only View Only View Only Manage List of products and services of your organisation.
CRM with pricing automationProduct Pricing Management View Only View Only View Only View Only View Only View Only View Only View Only View Only Manage pricing details of the products and services of your organisation.
CRM with promotion managemnetOffers and Promotions Management View Only View Only View Only View Only View Only View Only View Only View Only View Only Manage time-sensitive offers / promotions
CRM with marketing automationMarketing Campaign Management View Only View Only View Only View Only View Only Create Marketing Campaigns, Send personalised bulk emails, Telemarketing, Create Opportunities for engaged audience in just a single click.
CRM with marketing automationMarketing Communications Management View Only View Only View Only View Only View Only
CRM with call scriptMarketing Call Scripts View Only View Only View Only View Only View Only
CRM with lead scoringMarketing Engagement Scoring View Only View Only View Only View Only View Only Track audience engagement using Engagement Scoring Engine
CRM with sales pipelineSales Pipeline / Opportunities Management View Only View Only View Only Sales pipeline lifecycle management
CRM with digital quotationDigital Quotations View Only Send branded PDF quotations via email
CRM with customer accountsCustomer Accounts View Only View Only Create and manage customer accounts
CRM with sale ordersSale Orders View Only View Only Create and manage sale orders
CRM with invoicingRecurring / One-off Invoices Create and manage Invoices. Track their payment status. Both recurring and one-off invoices are supported.
CRM with payment reconciliationAccount Payment Reconciliation Reconcile invoice payment status for a specific Invoice
bulk payment reconciliationBulk Payment Reconciliation Reconcile invoice payment status in bulk
CRM with contract lifecycle managementLegal Documents View Only View Only Create and manage Legal documents and view them in context of people and organisations
CRM with customer supportSupport Tickets View Only View Only View Only View Only View Only Create and manage support tickets
Supply and Supplier ManagementSuppliers and Supplies Management Create and manage Suppliers and their supplies
Pick Pack Ship DeliverFulfilment Order (Pick, Pack, Ship, Deliver) Complete fulfilment workflow starting from Pick, Pack Ship and Delivery including turn-by-turn navigation integration and delivery signature.
Procurement OrderProcurement Orders View Only Create and manage procurement orders
Warehouse ManagementWarehouse Management Create and manage warehouses and storage locations
Stock ManagementStock Management Manage inventory levels for the supplies
Marketing DashboardMarketing Dashboard Visualise marketing performance on a chart
Opportunities DashboardOpportunities Dashboard Visualise pre-sales pipeline on a chart
Sales DashboardSales Dashboard Visualise sales performance on a chart
Customer Accounts DashboardAccounts Dashboard Visualise accounts performance on a chart
Procurement DashboardProcurement Dashboard Visualise procurement activities on a chart
Support DashboardSupport Dashboard Visualise support activities on a chart
Multi TimeZone Multi Currency Multi TaxMulti Timezones, Currencies and Tax Rates Support for multiple time zones, multiple currencies and multiple tax rates
Website contact formWebsite Contact Form Contact form that can be put on your website to collect information directly into Sales Infinite