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No one knows your business better than you. That's why our first point of engagement is always consultation.
During this time we aim to define the unique challenges your business is facing. Once we understand what you need to achieve, our expert team can best advise you on where Sales Infinite can help.
This is not a superficial process. We drill right down into the innermost workings of your business to understand the exact nature of your priorities, team structure and internal processes. This clarifies how we can help your business become more efficient and effective - internally and externally.
To date, we have never encountered an organisation that couldn't benefit from deploying a holistic, pre-integrated platform to manage its entire business cycle. Managing all your sales related information in one platform unifies your business practices and ensures you never drop a lead or lose valuable information in the cracks between departments.
At the end of the consultation process, we outline a clear set of recommendations that form the basis for future training and implementation. These recommendations provide a clear road-map for your specific business, outlining the steps needed to cut through complexity and remove any internal disconnect.



The implementation phase sees the decisions reached during the consultation process put into practice. We know exactly what your business wants to achieve and we can configure and customise Sales Infinite extremely quickly to address your specific needs.
This is a revolutionary idea. Traditional CRM solutions solve the challenges in one small section of your business, but then demand painstaking integration with all the other software in use. This process takes considerable time - something most businesses can ill afford. Every second of downtime costs money and damages your reputation as potential customers go elsewhere and competitors jostle for position.
In contrast, Sales Infinite is a pre-integrated platform. All of the features we offer are already designed to work together in a cohesive, unified way. A state-of-the-art workflow engine is also included, which means you can add further automation and business rules easily to improve collaboration.
With our ultra-fast implementation times, you won't be left struggling with delays. Sales Infinite is fully functional right out of the box and a simple cloud-based delivery model means you can be up and running on your new solution immediately, with no need to install additional hardware or software.
Based on the findings of the consultation process, we can rapidly customise Sales Infinite to ensure maximise efficiency in your business. We'll migrate the information in your existing databases into the new platform and configure the workflows in line with your business needs. Robotic coding allows this customisation to happen five times faster than normal, so nothing will prevent you from going live smoothly.
Because Sales Infinite is up and running so quickly compared to other solutions, your business can start reaping the benefits of complete business management all the sooner.


Innovations Infinite provides comprehensive on-site training for everyone in your company, giving them the hands on experience they need to confidently use Sales Infinite.
As with any change your employees may be nervous about learning to work with a new system - however difficult and disconnected your existing processes are.
Fortunately we have worked hard to make Sales Infinite easy to use, straight out of the box. Our platform is simple, intuitive and highly automated with a minimal learning curve. Your employees will quickly reach the stage where they can't imagine how they ever worked without it.
Sales Infinite displays precisely the information you need at eye level, without forcing you to click-through hundreds of menus or scroll through pages of data. We have also integrated a host of useful functions that can be accessed at the click of a button, from in-built enterprise collaboration tools to VoIP calling. Meanwhile, Sales Infinite also provides a staggering level of automation, from sharing information across different features with ease, to PDF document creation or providing smart, context-sensitive access to files and data.
We'll take all the time you need to demonstrate the functionality of Sales Infinite and answer any questions or concerns. Our comprehensive on-site training guarantees that everyone in your company will use Sales Infinite to maximum effect.



Even once your business has implemented Sales Infinite and is running smoothly, we always remain there to support you. Comprehensive technical support is available from our expert team during normal business hours over both phone and email.